Feb 9, 2014


A painting that came together rather quickly actually. In my head, the values were going to be a nightmare, but turned out better than expected. Happy 2014!

Nov 10, 2013

Inktober sketchbooks

24 b/w pages, all 31 inktober drawings with a bunch of process 
sketches, and an ink doodle on the inside!

$15 for United States residents, $20 for international.

Email me at andrewkmar@gmail.com!

Nov 2, 2013


If you haven't been following my instagram, I've been
doing Jake Parker's Inktober challenge do upload an ink drawing
for every day of October. Here are a few of my favorites
from the past few weeks...

I may be collecting all of these into a book. Stay tuned!

I've also been painting a little on the side.

Hope ya'll had a safe Halloween. Later.

Oct 7, 2013

APE 2013

 The Alternative Press Expo is upon us once again!
I'll have new sketchbooks for this year, along with left
overs from last year in case you missed it.

Don't you just want to pet and squeeze the little guy?
It's chock full of brand new sketches you ain't seen before.

Like this majestic lady and all her weird creature friends
in all shapes and sizes. I'll also have prints to sell with my
robot half, Emerson. Refer to the handy dandy map
below to score hidden treasure.

Do swing by; we are looking forward to frowning at you!

Sep 24, 2013


 I'm alive. I've been busy working on portfolio
stuff and APE preparations but I've also been
trying to work on my weak ass environments.
Here are a few referenced from photographs.

I also made a brief road trip down to LA for the
weekend and the desert is beautiful. Tried a few
color thumbnails from memory...

That's it for now, new paintings will be on the
way. As always, I'm sketching way more often
on the instagrams, so follow there for more
constant updates. See you soon!